At Sound, we hope you realize you are not only supporting local business owners, the local employees and their families, but also the local community. Your dollars go further when you hire Sound, we carry that forward throughout our community in various ways. Since we are not a large corporation, we feel strong ties to the community in which we belong and wanted to pass it on if you were not aware that Sound supports the Lighthouse Mission monthly, has offered other local 501(c)(3) companies donated auction items, and the owners are personally working right now to set up a year-long campaign for a local non-profit: En Gedi Refuge Ministries (

Sound appreciates and loves the community we are a part of and strives to give back where it can. Below are a couple of the groups and organizations we are currently supporting and have supported over the years; we encourage you to check them out.

Lighthouse mission

Lighthouse Mission Ministries


Engedi Refuge


Skookum Kids


Boys & Girls Club of America


Mt. Baker Rotary


Lynden Christian School


Awana Clubs International

Boyfriend Bears

Boyfriend Bears